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15 avril 2017 - 19 h 30 min / 2 h 00 min



Date : 15 avril 2017 - 19 h 30 min
Prix : 6€

Lieu : Le Zinor
Addresse : 191, rue du Moulin Gros, ZA Nord et Gare
Montaigu-Vendée, 85600 France

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tel : 0950641926
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Organisateur : Nafout’ Crew



ATH (HxC, St Michel Mt Mercure) – Facebook / Bandcamp / Youtube

The Argument (HxC Mélo, Rennes) – Facebook / Bandcamp / Youtube
The Argument, groupe originaire de Bretagne formé fin 2011. Composé de membres de Banane Metalik, defiance, radical failure, konbinis. Les influences diverses de chacun, réunies au cœur de cet album “Nothing Fades”, vous propose un mélange de Punk Rock, Hardcore Mélodique, incisif et ravageur ! Les textes sont tout aussi tranchants, traitant de sujets personnels, parfois existentiels.

Distral (HxC Mélo, Finland) – Facebook / Bandcamp / Youtube
Distral, a hardcore punk band from Joensuu, Finland was established in 2006 as it all started out by bursting some classics like NOFX and Rancid in a garage. Over the years and several shows, the sound of Distral started to mold in its place from layback skate punk to more fast and melancholic hardcore. Most of our influences came from bands such as Comeback Kid; giving us that blasting hardcore energy in our music, with Rise Against and Anti-Flag; also the energy but the common political worldview and standing for something important. During these ten years we have released 3 EP’s and 3 longplays by that latest 7-track-record Strike, released in September 2016. We have been touring in Russia, Estonia, Slovakia, Czech Republic among all the countless shows in Finland and we are planning to keep touring in every country that we possibly can. We have always been very keen in to DIY by planning our own recordings, tours and shows, designing our cover and shirt graphics (except some few artworks).

Tromatized Youth (Punk HxC, Nantes) – Facebook / Bandcamp / Youtube
Influencés par le film TOXIC AVENGER et le Hardcore 80, les nantais de TROMATIZED YOUTH écument les scènes de Tromaville et d’ailleurs depuis 1999. Ils ont à leur actif un album, deux minis et un split cd avec les américains de 25 TA LIFE.

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